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Delaware Animal Services

Delaware Animal Services is a section of the Office of Animal Welfare that promotes and works to ensure the health and safety of animals, people and the community. Our lost and found service gives the public a centralized resource for reuniting people with their lost pets.

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Small white dog, Westie, friendly but do not call her name, wearing a teal collar and a grey flea and tick collar

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Australian cattle dog white with brown/red spots. About 45 pounds, very skittish, will probably run or cower if you try to approach. Should have on a blue collar with my phone number.

Last City/Area Seen
Newark, De

Was DUNE..recently adopted and calling him Kiedis

Kiedis was adopted 2 days ago.  He got out of an apartment on Fairway Road in Newark, De this morning just before we were to take him to the vet.  He is about 30 lbs... more »

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Wilmington / Pike Creek Kirkwood HWY

Unknown Old lady Dog

Old lady dog black with white on her chest.  Graying around muzzle.  Very calm.  Found Kirkwood HWY and the 7. By McDonalds.

City/Area Found


Case Number: AW20-6660 – “Nate”, male lab mix, friendly, found by the Laurel Post Office. Chip was not updated to current owner information

City/Area Found
Magnolia DE


Small brown chihuahua/mini dachshund mix. Non-neutered male. Very sweet! Found in Millchop Lane Magnolia, DE.