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Vision and Mission

Delaware Animal Services (DAS) is committed to creating a safe community that celebrates the human-animal bond, where animals are free from abuse and neglect, every pet has a home, and animal caretakers have access to the tools and resources needed for their companions.

Our mission is to make our Delaware communities safer for animals and the public through the professional delivery of animal related services, innovative problem solving, and cooperative partnerships.

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Adoption Spotlight



If you’re looking for a snuggly teddy bear then Galileo is the dog for you. This handsome guy looks forward to his time outside for a game of fetch as well as enjoying a long walk accompanied by his favorite toys. He is an intelligent and treat motivated dog, so you won’t see him turn down a treat stuffed Kong, especially when he gets to show off his “sit”, “paw”, “down”, and “place” commands. Galileo would bloom in a home as the only furbaby with older kids who will allow his spirited personality to flourish. You can adopt Galileo for a fee you name through Sunday, April 4th. (Brandywine Valley SPCA, 600 South Street, New Castle, DE 302-516-1000, ).


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