Delaware Office of Animal Welfare

Delaware Animal Services (DAS) is the community service and enforcement unit of the Delaware Division of Public Health Office of Animal Welfare (OAW). DAS serves residents and animals statewide in the areas of animal cruelty enforcement, animal control, dangerous dog management, dog licensing, and rabies control.

Vision and Mission

Delaware Animal Services (DAS) is committed to creating a safe community that celebrates the human-animal bond, where animals are free from abuse and neglect, every pet has a home, and animal caretakers have access to the tools and resources needed for their companions.

Our mission is to make our Delaware communities safer for animals and the public through the professional delivery of animal related services, innovative problem solving, and cooperative partnerships.

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Adoption Spotlight




It’s been said the nicest animals are often the ones who suffer cruelty because they are so trusting. Quazimotto proves that theory. He was found tied to a tree in the woods severely emaciated yet he holds no grudges, giving out big body wiggles and wags to each person he meets. “Motto” was nursed back to health in a foster home, where he was terrific with both dogs and kids. Motto can be adopted for a fee you name through Sunday, January 20.  (Brandywine Valley SPCA, 600 South Street, New Castle, DE 302-516-1000,


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