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Vision and Mission

Delaware Animal Services (DAS) is committed to creating a safe community that celebrates the human-animal bond, where animals are free from abuse and neglect, every pet has a home, and animal caretakers have access to the tools and resources needed for their companions.

Our mission is to make our Delaware communities safer for animals and the public through the professional delivery of animal related services, innovative problem solving, and cooperative partnerships.

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Adoption Spotlight





 Here’s your purrfect family cat. Roy is an outgoing, easygoing boy who makes sure he’s first to greet visitors in the free-roaming cat room. He does well with other cats in the room and would be open to living with other cats in a home. Roy also has the cutest kitten mittens with his extra toes, which are technically known as polydactyl.

This eight-year-old love can be adopted for a fee you name though Sunday, February 2. (Brandywine Valley SPCA, 600 South Street, New Castle, DE 302-516-1000,





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