Delaware Office of Animal Welfare


Delaware Animals Services (DAS) operates field offices in three districts. The Northern District encompasses territory north of the canal, Central District encompasses territory south of the canal to the Sussex County line, and Southern District encompasses all of Sussex County. Assigning officers to districts allows more effective engagement with the local community, enables fast response times, and encourages partnership with local law enforcement and other stakeholder groups.

Our DAS team is led by officers with extensive law enforcement and animal control experience. Our team of officers and dispatchers respond to over 1000 calls for assistance each month.

All animal welfare officers have completed Animal Control and Cruelty Certification by the State of Delaware, Delaware Criminal Justice Communications System (DELJIS) Training, and expert animal handling training.  All full-time officers have also completed the four-week Delaware State Constable Academy and are certified as state constables.  Additionally, DAS provides supplemental training, such as CPR training, community policing techniques for animal control, and communications/dispatch training.  Officers also receive ongoing field training and assessment.