Retail Dog Outlet Licenses

The Division of Public Health Office of Animal Welfare has responsibility for dog licensing for the state. This includes kennel and retail dog outlet licenses.

Each owner of a retail dog outlet in the state must apply for a retail dog outlet license. A retail dog outlet shall mean any premises where dogs are sold, or offered or maintained for sale, on a retail basis. This does not include:

  1. Dogs which are produced and raised on such premises and are sold, offered or maintained for sale, by a person who resides on such premises;
  2. The selling of a single litter of puppies or any part thereof during a calendar year; or
  3. Any publicly operated or private, charitable or nonprofit animal shelter, pound, humane society, or animal rescue organization.

Retail Dog Outlet Fee: $200.00

Procedure for applying for Delaware Retail Dog Outlet License

Application for a Retail Dog Outlet License