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Requesting Case Records from Office of Animal Welfare, Delaware Animal Services:

How do I get a copy of an incident report?
If you or your dog is the victim in a dog bite/attack case that was investigated by Delaware Animal Services, you may request a copy of the Victim Incident Report by submitting the Records Request Form below.

You must be listed as a victim on the report in order to obtain a copy. Exceptions can be made for parents of minor children that are listed as the victim. The Victim Incident Report is an official report showing that a DAS officer is investigating the incident, but provides no investigative detail, as investigative files are not considered public records.

*Please note, Incident reports with investigative narrative and complaint reports are not considered public records, and therefore, they are not available to any individual without a subpoena. 

Other reports available to victims:
In DAS cases where a human was bitten, the victims may also obtain a copy of the “Human Exposure to Rabies” form (commonly known as the ‘bite report’) and the Post Bite Quarantine Order if available. To obtain the Human Exposure to Rabies form, you will be required to sign and return a Medical Release Authorization (MRA) Form

Subject of a complaint or owner of alleged attacking dog:
If you are an individual against whom a complaint was made, or are the owner of the alleged attacking dog, Investigative Reports are considered “investigatory files compiled for civil or criminal law-enforcement purposes”, and are not considered public records available to you. Requests for this information will be denied.

Attorney/Insurance Company/Relative (other than parent of a minor child):
The Office of Animal Welfare (OAW)/Delaware Animal Services staff are not permitted to release any documents to a third party (friend, relative, attorney) without a signed Medical Release Authorization (MRA) Form. If this category applies to you, please have your client, etc. fill out the MRA to request documents listed above that are available to them (based on their status as victim, subject of complaint, or owner of alleged attacking animal) and complete the Records Request Form.

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