Delaware Animals Services (DAS) operates field offices in three districts. The Northern District encompasses territory north of the canal, Central District encompasses territory south of the canal to the Sussex County line, and Southern District encompasses all of Sussex County. Assigning officers to districts allows more effective engagement with the local community, enables fast response times, and encourages partnership with local law enforcement and other stakeholder groups.

Our DAS team is led by officers with law enforcement and animal control experience. Our team of officers and dispatchers respond to over 1,500 calls for assistance each month.

All animal welfare officers are trained and certified, in accordance with state law, to enforce state dog control, animal cruelty and rabies control in Delaware. The DAS office training program far exceeds the state certification requirements and includes both classroom and field instruction on topics such as Delaware animal welfare laws, principles of search and seizure, humane animal capture and handling, zoonotic diseases, first aid, rules of evidence, investigative techniques, officer safety, report writing and much more.  Additionally, DAS officers receive annual continuing education from experts in the field of law enforcement, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine.